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片名:快感缺失 發布時間:2020-01-19

◎譯  名 快感缺失

◎片  名 Anhedonia

◎年  代 2019

◎產  地 英國

◎類  別 劇情/懸疑/驚悚

◎語  言 英語

◎字  幕 中字

◎上映日期 2019-05-01(英國)

◎IMDb評分  4.0/10 from 32 users

◎豆瓣評分 0/10 from 0 users


◎片  長 110分鐘

◎導  演 Michael Henry

◎主  演 Liam Blundell

      Matt Bramble

      Amy Elizabeth

      Paul Fanning

      Victor J. Griffiths

      Michael Henry

      Ross Leyshon

      Bethan Medi

      Richard Miltiadis

      Samuel Patterson

      Brendan Purcell II

      Helen Randall

      Scott Suter

      Sarah-Louise Tyler

      Shelby Williams


◎簡  介


  Upon hearing of his mentor's impending death, haggard musician Kino Warren begins a journey on foot across country, and through a place not of this world referred to as "the territory". Kino believes wholeheartedly that the mentor cannot die until he arrives. On his journey, Kino is unaware several people are on his tail - varyingly malicious and politically involved - in search of the only-known recording of the greatest piece of music ever made, a piece supposedly capable of taking away all pain within the listener - created by his mentor, and in his possession, completely unbeknownst to him.





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